Termite Inspections and Termite Treatment

The tranquil outdoor spaces around Houston homes can quickly turn into unwelcome havens for pests like rats, mice, raccoons, and bed bugs if proper preventive measures are not taken. To keep these unwanted guests at bay, homeowners should be proactive about cleaning up the yard, burying compost, and storing food indoors to minimize the lure of leftovers. They should also clean up pet dishes and spilled bird seed and use rodent-resistant feeders. Regular termite inspections and preventative treatments can also help keep these pests away from the home.

A termite treatment is only effective if it is applied to the area where the infestation is located. This is why it is important to get a professional termite control service, such as Conquest Pest Control. Technicians are trained in timber technology and building construction methods, so they know exactly what to look for in the affected areas. They will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment for the situation, whether it is fumigation or conventional, and can suggest ways in which homeowners can make their homes less attractive to termites.

Termites are known to be a serious problem for homes, especially those built in the coastal region. They can damage structures and destroy the integrity of a house, leading to costly repairs. They can also spread disease through their droppings and urine, as well as through parasites such as fleas. They may also chew on electrical wiring, causing fires and other dangerous situations. They may also gnaw on skirting boards, doors, books, furniture and containers.

To prevent a termite infestation, it is recommended to have a termite inspection done at least once every 12 months. A qualified Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technician can perform a detailed termite check of your property, including checking subfloor areas for signs of termite activity. They can also conduct a moisture test using a Termatrac, which is a device that listens to the sounds of termite activity in the timbers of your home.

Conquest Pest and Termite Control recommends that home owners get a termite inspection once a year, so that any termite activity can be identified and treated before it causes major damage to the structure of the house. Their qualified Technicians use both traditional tools, such as a torch and screwdriver, and sophisticated electronic devices like termite detecting tools, Borescopes, Termatrac moisture meters and termite detection radar to find any areas of active termite activity. They will then apply a chemical solution to the affected areas, ensuring that it is only applied where there is active termite activity.

All technicians at Conquest Pest Control are qualified and experienced in the application of various treatment options, including fumigation and conventional insecticides, termiticides and baits. They will take a number of factors into account, such as the type and size of your property, its proximity to termite colonies, the type of wood it is made from, and other environmental and safety considerations. They will advise you of the best course of action, and will work with you to provide an efficient and cost-effective treatment.