Discover the Top 5 Methods of Internet Marketing

Social-Media-Marketing-1024x571Internet marketing has become a major part of whether a business is successful or not. If you are struggling to grow your business then you should definitely take a look at your internet marketing techniques. One of the most important parts of internet marketing is ensuring you are diversifying your efforts.

Take a look at the top 5 methods of internet marketing and make sure that you are at least devoting some of your marketing strategies to each method.

5 – Scheduled Blog Articles

Puzzle-Piece-Market-OnlineThe number of web pages on a website and the number of backlinks to them is a major consideration when search engines determine search engine results. Blog articles offer the perfect solution for growing the size of your website and generating quality backlinks. They can also help with social media chatter – which is the sharing of links on different social media platforms. Realistically, there is often no specific reason for a visitor to want to share a link to a random webpage from a business website, but with a blog article you are providing helpful or relevant information. Visitors are more likely to share links to useful blog articles and pass on the knowledge to their friends and family. When adding blog articles, consider setting up a regular schedule, which is a good way to gain repeat traffic.

4 – Submit Press Releases

online-marketing-imagePress releases are an effective way to reach more customers and provide an overview of your products, services, or sales. Press releases are written from the point of view of someone outside your company offering detailed information. This helps give readers are better sense of security about the information they are reading. Once a press release is created, they are submitted to a variety of press release sites so that you can gain more traffic to your website and generate more backlinks.

3 – Post Videos

internetmrk1Video is the fastest growing form of internet marketing. People prefer videos as they offer a great way to present information in a compact and easy to understand manner. Instead of reading a fifteen minute article, a visitor can view a two minute video and get a better grasp of the information being presented. This is because humans think visually and find it easier to retain information they have viewed compared to information they have read. Use videos to demonstrate your products or introduce your business. After creating a video, post it on YouTube or other video streaming sites and then share it across your social media profiles.

2 – Create Giveaways

internet-marketing-imageAnother great example of internet marketing is offering free items to visitors. This helps build trust with your customers and could be used as a way to build an email list for use in a targeted email campaign by requiring customers to sign up to your newsletter to receive the free giveaway. Offer PDFs or create videos that provide some type of actual value. You could offer tips and suggestions or create a tutorial.

1 – Targeted Email Campaigns

A targeted email campaign is a type of internet marketing where you send out a scheduled email to icon4a group of customers from an email list that you have created by allowing people to sign up. These emails should be sent out on a consistent schedule. Include updates about your latest products and services or use your emails to announce sales.

That covers the top 5 forms of internet marketing. Make sure that you are spreading your internet marketing strategies out among a variety of different methods. This helps you reach the most amount of potential customers while increasing your web presence. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions about internet marketing, please leave us a comment.